with Mickaël your river guide

Rafting Chamonix

Rafting in Chamonix is navigated on the Arve, a class II glacier river passage 3. The panorama is just unbelievable with a view of the Mont Blanc range. A mini descent is possible in Chamonix or the full one between Passy to Sallanches from 8 years old children ideal for families.

Price: 55 €/pers

So why not add rafting in Chamonix to your outdoor agenda. Whether you are spending time on the river with your friends, a class trip for your students, or the most popular choice for your family vacation, time spent with your partner on a whitewater rafting trip is such a pleasant time. These days, it is quite difficult to find quality time to spend with loved ones. The children unplug, the spray and mist of the river water chills you while you sit in the bright sun, The sensations of whitewater sports with Mickaël Your rafting guide instructor.

Rafting Dranse

Rafting in Thonon les Bains takes place on the Dranse, a class III maneuvering river. It is the ideal river for all the necessary acquisitions before making very sporty white water descents.

Price: 70 €/pers there - 90 €/pers from Chamonix

Adventure: Chili Pepper.. Step out of your comfort zone, feel your adrenaline rush as the river rushes around you. A day of whitewater rafting gives you a natural dose of vitamin D. Exercise while having fun, you will be surrounded by a beautiful natural environment that will make you happy. If whitewater rafting weren't worth the time spent doing it, you wouldn't have as large a clientele as you are for sports. It’s exciting, enjoyable, unforgettable.

Rafting Passy

It is of course between the moments of excitement and pure wonder at the beauty of the landscape during our descents on the various rivers of Haute-Savoie with your river guide.
Rivers that are classified from easy to difficult (Rafting in Passy, Chamonix, on the giffre in Samoëns or more sporty on the Dranse in Thonon les Bains) and adapt best to your expectations and you can practise them and join us wether you spend your holiday in Saint Gervais, Les Contamines Montjoie, Megève, Annecy, Annemasse ou Genève..


Cocktail day possibilities including catering at noon by choosing different support Rafting, Hydrospeed, canoraft - hairboat, stand up paddle following the rivers.
CHAMONIX DAY: 120 €/pers Rafting + Restaurant + 2nd support.
DRANSE DAY: 150 €/pers Rafting + Restaurant + Rafting or Hydrospeed.
DORA DAY: 170 €/pers Rafting day + Restaurant Italian side

Familly rafting Chamonix

Rafting, didactical initiation, thrills guaranteed

Rafting Sallanches

Rafting between familly and friends, Team Building

Chamonix rafting

Rafting stag party - hen party, Birthday events